Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PAGE TURNER: The Party of the First Part

BookADay has once again seen fit to do me the great honor of publishing one of my book reviews. This time around, it's Love, Groucho, a collection of letters from Groucho Marx to his daughter.

As I mention in the review, I have a standing agreement with my friend Holly that, after I become insanely famous, she has permission to auction off all the letters I've sent her over the years, and use the proceeds to finance her children's education. That agreement still stands, although at present, I am not insanely famous, and she is not currently with child, so that represents a bit of a push. Still, at least we have the agreement. I don't suspect that Groucho made any such deal with his daughter.

Things like that trouble me.


Anonymous said...

TWO mentions in this blog, and now one on BookADay. Oh, my swelling ego... and don't forget I have all your plays you wrote in college.
The agreement is not on paper, and can be rescinded at any moment, so you have an out. Fortunately (or unfortunately) neither one of us said or wrote about anything seedy, rude, crass, or illegal in any of our letters, so I imagine the reading of them later might be a bit boring, and I might have trouble finding a publisher.
Thanks for the mention. If I had a blog, I'd talk about you too.