Tuesday, August 09, 2011

LOOKIT, LOOKIT! : 366 Weird Movies presents The Tingler

(A new feature in which something I wrote gets published somewhere, and I frantically encourage you to go find it. Let's hope this becomes a regular thing. More regular than this blog, anyway.)

A long while back, my wife and I had just finished watching the cinematic brain aneurysm that is Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York, and were desperately trying to figure out what the hell we had just seen. In trying times such as these, before reaching for the bottle, I turn to the web.

Of all the articles, reviews, and analyses I read (none of which, by the way, mentioned our theory about what really happened to Philip Seymour Hoffman, which actually made me feel smarter, for some reason), the best was the rundown provided by 366 Weird Movies, a website dedicated to the proposition that there is an utterly bizarre movie for every day of the leap year, and somebody ought to get to cataloging just which ones they are. It was interesting enough that I started reading other articles they had printed about strange films, and finally just added it to my RSS feed.

Every now and then, they have a contest to let readers submit their choices for oddball movies. Round about Contest #2, I started working on an idea I had. They're up to Contest #4, and I finally submitted something.

And whaddaya know. They printed it.

I'm absolutely tickled to have my writing up on a website that I enjoy reading, so I heartily encourage you to go read it, and then peruse some of the other reviews and articles there. It's well worth wasting your time.