Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Break In the Writer's Strike

He sucks!! I am never reading his stupid blog again.

-- Jackie Stout Barrera

Oh like he updates his blog.

-- Holly Hanchey

There's nothing worse than facing the reality that people have your number.

My last post went up when? August? And the last four topics are two entries on a space shuttle flight (there has been another since), an installment in the ever-floundering Hitchcock Project, and a one-dimensional account of a trip in JUNE. Boy, a person who lets that much time go by must have a really good excuse. Whatcha been up to, Wilson?

The Professional World
I tend to be kind of tight-lipped about my work life (mainly because I always hear stories about people who discuss their jobs in their blogs, and it never turns out well). I think the last time I really discussed what I was up to concerned my departure from Jellyvision almost a year ago. After that, I worked for a little while for a publishing company based in Lincolnwood. That was fun, and I met some really lovely people there, but the job had the great misfortune to be located in Lincolnwood, a town which is not conveniently located (Hello, suburban bus line!) and which was not built for pedestrians (Goodbye, sidewalks!). I was there for the first half of 2007, leaving right before they moved from Lincolnwood to Morton Grove, which is somehow even more remote and walking-unfriendly.

So now? I'm back at Jellyvision! I know! What goes around literally comes around. It's a flattering thing to be asked back. When I stop and think about it, I'm still surprised.

The House
Quite a few changes, foremost among them being a new paint job in the living room. For anyone who had the chance to visit Wilmont Manor, you may recall that our walls were once a distinctive Kermit green. Clair felt like it was toying with our mental well-being. Not anymore. My Dad popped in to help us transform the walls into a beautiful buttery yellow (actual paint name: Warm Cocoon), and the difference is extraordinary. I have never painted my home before -- actually, I haven't painted anything since elementary school. But I can definitely see the appeal.

Also, in an attempt to reduce the staggering amount of clutter in our house, we have divested ourselves of a great many worldly possessions, foremost among them a dining room table. To our overwhelming glee, we managed to persuade our friends Matt & Brandi to accept our furnishing albatross, which they have evidently found to their liking. Two more tables, a host of boxes, guitars, coat racks, Christmas paraphenalia -- I'd guess we've shipped out nearly a third of our possessions. And I don't feel like we've made so much as a dent. Very frustrating.

A Side Note
When my Dad was here, I had the chance to take him to see the resident company of Jersey Boys, the smash hit Four Seasons Broadway musical that, ironically, you can now only see here, since the Broadway company is shuttered owing to a stagehands strike. Dad is a big fan of the band, but I had an additional reason for wanting to see the show: we know someone in the cast. That would be stage star Steven Goldsmith, who regularly plays the role of "Joey", but also understudies for the vocally-challenging role of Frankie Valli, the Seasons' falsetto-crooning lead singer. Now, we only saw him in his usual role, but I can honestly tell you, he and the show are awesome. Thinking of seeing it? You should.

Further anecdote: Steven was at our friend Jessica's wedding in Miami in June, as were we. At one point during the reception, the DJ spun Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", and Steven rolled his eyes, having found himself in a weird sort of busman's holiday. I love show business.

The Hitchcock Project
Yeah, yeah. I've actually watched the next film on the list, The Farmer's Wife, and the one after that, The Manxman, has been in my house for weeks. But I've definitely hit a rut, and what worries me is that I've slowed to a halt at about the same point I stopped the first time I tried to read this biography. I'm sure that means something, either about me or Hitchock. I don't know what that is yet.

What's worse is that fate is clearly trying to help me along with the project. AMC has been on a Hitchcock trip as of late, and the art museum up at Northwestern University is featuring an exhibit of storyboards from Hitchcock films. I should have seen that by now. As the old joke goes, they've sent me two boats and a plane. What more could I ask for?

So that's a little of what's been going on. But does that explain the failure to write? Does that justify my complete absence from these pages? What the hell is up?

Jackie and Holly got this entry started, and I think they can reveal my secret far better than I. Here's the extended cut of their conversation:

HOLLY: Oh wait, did Shane not tell you guys that they're expecting? I'm assuming that he didn't because he never tells anyone anything.

JACKIE: What?!! Shane Wilson is having a baby? I can’t believe that loser didn’t tell us. He sucks!! I am never reading his stupid blog again.

Jackie, I totally hear you. That Shane is a jerk.