Thursday, July 06, 2006

BRIC-A-BRAC: Well, This Is Embarrassing

Last week, I got a charming little note from my old Second Floor Adriana castmate Mike Otto.

Hey, Shane, long time no see. Just wanted to let you know I was reading the 'oy, the cubs' thread, saw your blog in your sig, clicked on it as invited, and enjoyed it quite a lot

Hope all's well.

Now, I'm always a sucker for a kind word. But two things about this gave me pause:

1) I haven't posted on this blog in a month.
2) Mike has a baby.

Some things make you feel like you're not accomplishing everything you could be.

This won't be much consolation, but hardly a day has gone by where I haven't said to myself, "When you get home, you have GOT to write a new entry." And then I get home and, frankly, find there's something else I have to do.

I'm sure I knew this subconsciously, but I think I used to post most of my blog entries from work. This is not exactly a ringing endorsement for my previous stint in the hospitality industry, but it was really good for the blogging.

I find this is not so much the case in my current line of employment. The fact is, I actually like what I'm doing during the day. (Boy, that's weird.) So I suppose my old blogging habits don't really apply here. And the result is, I haven't quite adapted.

This is all excuses, I know. I honestly do feel bad about it. Because I have stuff to write about. I've seen movies, I've read books, I even got to the ballpark a couple weeks ago. (Tadahito Iguchi? Yes. Losing in the 13th? Not so much.) So I've got material. I just haven't found the time.

Do other bloggers care about this? I'm linked to a movie review site that hasn't posted since 2005, and I'm sure he's doesn't feel guilty. But I do. So this is just a note to assure you that I'm going to try and improve. I've said it before. I'll probably say it again. But I'm committed to this blog thing. And I'm gonna see it through. And if Mike Otto can find the time to read it, even while he's got a screaming infant, then the least I can do is try writing it.

At least, until I actually don't want to do it anymore. Then all bets are off.